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Bringing Bandstands Back to Life

Bad Bandstands

So what makes a bad bandstand? My love for them is undoubted I hope. But there are bad ones out there. I have categorized them into three areas:-

  • Poor or dull designs (this includes all Ollerton models as well as most modern ones);
  • Poor condition (a virtually derelict bandstand is of no use to anyone no matter how historic or important - if its knackered, its a bad bandstand); and
  • Poor maintenance and restoration (restored badly, maintained badly, doesn't get a lick of paint...really?)

The purpose of this page is to name and shame those responsible and hopefully they will actually do something about it. With many over a century old, we should be duty bound to look after them and there is money out there to do it and to get them continually used. Sort it people. 
Please don't get me wrong too, if its on here because its an Ollerton and just plain dull and you are using it - bravo and you should be applauded, but they are really dull. When its time to replace it, take a chance. Billingham is the exception. Awful. Scrap it. 


Treharris, South Wales 

This used to be a Hill and Smith bandstand. Perhaps the English breached Offa's Dyke nicked the roof whilst the Welsh were asleep. 

Treharris, South Wales

Beyond a lick of paint methinks 

Billingham, Cleveland

Apparently, and I have no reason to doubt my source, this beauty (or beast) has been restored. Nice town centre! 

Rugby Whitehill Rec

There are attempts to see this restored and hope they come to fruition. 

Bexhill on Sea

The award winning (sic) bandstand by De La Warr Pavilion that resembles a handkerchief which needs to blow away in the wind. Utter tripe 

Sparkhill Park, Birmingham

Such a shame about this one as I think it used to quite lovely but sits in a grotty but popular park. Felt roof... classy


A modern one which I applaud them for doing something different, but I am not a fan 


Bins, bedding and bandstand... all bollocks!! 

Locke Park, Barnsley

Now this is a great bandstand. So why is it included here? A Lion Foundry bandstand from Kirkintilloch, but check out the B&Q railings and the .... errrr... pink bases to the columns ... and this is Barnsley. Felt roof! bad ! 

Locke Park, Barnsley

Pink is not the colour!!

Bec Rec, Beckenham

The 'Bowie' bandstand, now listed and only included here until it is restored, which is imminent, then I can take it off.  

Myrtle Park, Bingley

Brutal architecture, brutally neglected Macfarlane bandstand.

Town Centre, Bletchley

Lets all squeeze in here, plenty of room. Watch where you are putting that trombone 

Bowness on Windermere

Many like this one. I don't 

Brigg, Lincs


Castle Park, Bristol

Just crap

Burnham on Sea, Somerset

Dull Ollerton bandstand, hate them 

Burnley, Lancashire

Stick a play area around it, sod the bandstand 

Cannock, Staffs

Too many Santas for my likening although they do hide the thing behind it 

Christchurch, Dorset

Cracking bandstand, but why paint it ALL black!!


Wonder how they get onto this bandstand 


Crap Ollerton bandstand 

Cwmbran, Wales

Pointless although better than the surrounding architecture

Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Tydfil

Barely visible in the park, needs restoring

Memorial Park, Denaby

Not another Ollerton, I don't like Ollerton bandstands 

Pencester Gardens, Dover

Weird, I may be being harsh here


Grim park, grim bandstand, even the grass looks grim 

Jubilee Gardens, Ely

Not worthy of Ely!

Filey, North Yorkshire

Stefan posing but not sure he appreciates how bad this Ollerton bandstand is. 

Gelli Park, Rhondda

Bleak, and deserves better. Definitely needs a roof in Wales.  

Stair Park, Girvan

Neglected Macfarlane bandstand


I am sure the acoustics were really good. Bandstand isn't though 

Gravesend, Fort Gardens

Lovely bandstand, needs a lot of work to it though. Its looking rough 

Alexandra Dock, Grimsby

Makes me want to rush over to this and whip out my Tenor Horn and bash out a military march, this is so attractive and what a setting. 

Hamilton Public Park, Hamilton

Long overdue a restoration, one of the worst condition bandstands out there. Who could leave a 279 like this! 

Victoria Park, Haslingden


Haverhill, Suffolk

Another crap Ollerton one 

Heanor, Derbyshire

All paths lead to this. 

Henley on Thames

Ugly as ... 

Queens Park, Heywood

Looks like an aerodrome hangar 

Hindley, near Wigan

Image is blurred, thankfully

Bancroft Gardens, Hitchin

Doesn't deserve to be in the list but until its restored, it will stay here. 

Valentines Park, Ilford

Another one bites the dust



West Park, Jarrow

Looks a bit knocked about.


Another Ollerton, doesn't improve does it

Yeadon Tarn, Leeds

A tight fit... watch that Trombone! Front row seats only 

Western Park, Leicester

Anti-vandal paint - no one will notice it, except the vandals  

Newsham Park, Liverpool 

This is a sad one. It may have been tidied up since but needs a lot of work. 

Waterlooville, London


Barnet, North London

Maybe its a trolley park rather than a bandstand 

Crystal Palace Park, London

Paxton it certainly isn't 

King Edward VII Park, LB Brent

Ollerton? I guess so

Mountsfield Park, London

Great plinth

Ponders End Rec, London

Needs chucking in a pond

Queens Park, London

A 279 and a colour scheme that does it no justice. The Jam once played on this 

West Ham Park, London

Crap bandstand 

Queens Park, Loughborough

Sad thing with this is that its a fine bandstand but the roof lets it down, as its not the original, and its mainly used as a hanging basket display area. 

Lydney, Gloucestershire

Well, it may have been something once upon a time 

South Park, Macclesfield

Another fine bandstand but needs a lot of work 


Hopefully washed away by now 

Strood Rec, Maidstone 

Came across this one when Green Flag judging and I think I liked it but looking at it again, I am not sure 

Brookdale Park, Newtonheath 

Utter crap, no redeeming features whatsoever 

Cheetham Hill, Manchester 

Neglected of Manchester, help me please 

Nelson, Lancashire

Patched up and closed off. Lady Hamilton it is not! 

North Hykeham

Sensitive design, lots of thought gone into this 

Alexandra Park, Oldham 

Fantastic park, so much heritage, but not echoed here 

Oxford, in a park of no character

Clearly not designed by anyone involved in Oxford's finest buildings

Castle Park, Penrith

Neglected, even the roses are giving up 

Port Talbot 

Blue is NOT the colour

Radcliffe, near Bury 

A jumble sale is as good as it gets 

Ellington Park, Ramsgate

279 due to be restored soon 

Worthington Park, Sale

Someone is going around nicking bits of bandstands, how many have we seen like this? 


Which came first? the scabby trees or the scabby bandstand?

Stratford on Avon 

I don't like this one 

Ponciau Park, Wrexham 

I don't like this one either 

Ware, Hertfordshire

Hope this one has gone


There is a ramp there somewhere and once you find it the journey up is overwhelming. The view must be amazing 

New Milton, Hampshire 

A new find this year. Its stirred up the locals and I can see why? Kite? Hang Glider?