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Bad Bandstands

So what makes a bad bandstand? My love for them is undoubted I hope. But there are bad ones out there. I have categorized them into three areas:-

  • Poor or dull designs (this includes all Ollerton models as well as most modern ones);

  • Poor condition (a virtually derelict bandstand is of no use to anyone no matter how historic or important - if its knackered, its a bad bandstand); and

  • Poor maintenance and restoration (restored badly, maintained badly, doesn't get a lick of paint...really?)

The purpose of this page is to name and shame those responsible and hopefully they will actually do something about it. With many over a century old, we should be duty bound to look after them and there is money out there to do it and to get them continually used. Sort it people.

Please don't get me wrong too, if its on here because its an Ollerton and just plain dull and you are using it - bravo and you should be applauded, but they are really dull. When its time to replace it, take a chance. Billingham is the exception. Awful. Scrap it. 


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