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The relevance of bandstands today

Is there still a place for them?

Some Case studies

I often get asked at the end of talks on the subject of the history, decline and revival of the bandstand, are they still used? Do many bands play on them now? They don't appear to be that well used now.... or even worse, aren't they just magnets for anti-social behaviour. I don't get irritated by the question, but it does beg the question, is there still a place for them in todays society? In short... yes, very much so. The days of crowds of 10,000 attendees at the Arboretum in Lincoln have long since gone; 20,000 in Albert Park, Middlesbrough will never be seen again, and the 50,000 in Corporation Park, Blackburn will never be repeated.

So this page has been created to show that bandstands are STILL relevant and possibly more so. With more pressures on people and such a faster pace of life and increasing concerns with our health, and mental health in particular, the public park is a haven where we can escape and be at peace, and the bandstand is still a focal point for many activities in the park. Its not just about listening to a brass band, it is so much more. I would encourage all to think outside the box and what your bandstand could be used for. A few examples are below.

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