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Bandstand Selfies

Ok so the point of this page is??? Selfies are both annoying and actually quite cute depending on where and who and why? The one above is my fabulous boy Ashley who doesn't get the geekiness of me but accepts I'm a tad weird. Its taken in front of Burslem Park in Stoke. I'm notorious for a selfie on a bandstand but what I want to see is people to take this up and send me your selfies on a bandstand. Lets see how many we can get!! 

Pherenice and David on Albert Park bandstand, Middlesbrough

Yours truly on Brighton bandstand

Yours truly and Hayley on a site visit in London - Lincoln Inn's Fields

Favourite eldest daughter Holly at Regent's Park, London - clearly she is enjoying 

Me and the parks crew from Watford BC in Walsall Arboretum

The family in Battersea Park and the lovely bandstand in the park centre

The delightful Hayley Page at Southsea bandstand - loving this one 

Ayr sea front bandstand. Not quite a "selfie" Deborah Miller but will let you off. 

The magnificent and munificent Luke Clark, although more of a fan of Victorian urinals, sought this one out today - Castle Park, Colchester. A lovely 249 model from Walter MacFarlane's Saracen Foundry.

Myself and the inimitable Mr Bryn Jones in Beaumont Park, Huddersfield - a former colleague and friend. 

These beauties were within a few miles of each other in Hall Leys Park, Lovers Walk, Matlock Bath and River Gardens, Belper. All just lovely despite the foggy weather that day 

Handstand on a Bandstand - as requested on Have I Got News for You - Caroline Roche - Sports Development Officer from WBC on the Watford bandstand - looking wobbly there and certainly unbalanced!!  

God I look awful but then who does in a selfie! Queen's Park, Longton, Stoke on Trent and dragged my work buddies into this one whilst on a recce of parks. Ain't this a beauty. Hayley Page, Caroline Roche and Kate Jenkins! 

Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne , on another recce up north and a sneaky peak at the bandstand restored here. This time with Caroline Roche, Lesley Palumbo, Kate Jenkins, Simon Green and Edward Green...and me too. 

I suppose this counts as a selfie and as Holly and Liv rowed for miles to get this awesome picture, it counts. Regent's Park in London 

Its almost a selfie on a bandstand Caroline Roche in Cassiobury Park, Watford

This is a proper selfie down Cassiobury Park recently restored bandstand

And another great selfie (well kind of) taken by Mr. Palumbo of Mrs. Palumbo on the bandstand in Lymington. 

And one of meeeeee in front of my bandstand - Cassiobury Park

Middle child on the right, Holly Rabbitts and lovely Liv, Kensington Gardens, London

Now this one I do like very much. Hayley Page travelled all the way to Singapore to check this one out - Botanical Gardens... but pink flip flops Hayley!!!

David O'Neill from the Comms team in Watford, posing in front of Sefton Park bandstand in Liverpool. Great smile, great bandstand, bad bobble hat David. 

Locke Park in Barnsley, after a trip north to Leeds. A rather nice Lion Foundry bandstand with pink bases to the columns. 

Victoria Park, London and Liv and Holly pre-gig

Oxhey Community Choir and Celia Smith on the Cassiobury Park bandstand in Watford

Victoria Park, St Helens and a great replica of a 224 Macfarlane

Watford's Cassiobury Park and Haylster and Smiffy posing with the geek me!

South Park, Macclesfield, interesting bandstand

South Park, Macclesfield, don't get many with Mrs Rabbitts I'm afraid 

Singapore Botanical Gardens, and this time Holly Rabbitts

Yildiz Park, Istanbul, and a very nice one with a well wrapped up me 

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