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Well here it is. I have been thinking about this for a while now and how to do this and if I had the time or the energy.... but hey it beats watching TV. Working full time at Watford Borough Council, a family to look after, kids at Uni, doing a part tme PhD at Salford University as well as writing the odd book (see I really wasn't sure I had the time to do this at all. But I am so passionate about bandstands, their history but also their survival. The opportunities that exist for bands, groups, youth organisations, schools, community groups of all kinds to use these wonderful spaces is immense and I want to see ALL bandstands brought back to life - not sitting idle or used a few solitary weekends each summer. It really is time to celebrate their history once again and realise their full potential and ensure our communities can come together and enjoy music, performance, theatre, drama and dance at the heart of our communities. I hope this website that I will work on for the next few months help spread the word and ensure bandstands are bouncing into the future. 

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Sep 09, 2023

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